About Danielle

Danielle is known for “Spreadin’ the Pretty”! She believes that every woman has a beauty that is all her own that no one else can possess. She enjoys bringing out the beauty that she sees in

each client that she works with.  

After working in cosmetics for almost 20 years, Danielle often encountered women who were not happy with different aspects of their appearance. “Often we see ourselves completely different than what the world sees, and become overly critical of our features” says Danielle. She shows her clients that they are unique and beautiful the just the way they are.

Danielle is most passionate about educating her clients. Different people require different

techniques and products based on their skin and its needs, she believes that there is not a

cookie cutter solution for all. Danielle enjoys “glamming” up women for events that are special

to them. “I get to play in makeup all day long; and something that is so simple can make such a

profound impact on someone's life” says Danielle. She believes that it is all about helping women feel good about themselves, with the aid of cosmetics and skincare.

Danielle has worked with:


Oscar de la Renta
Trina Turk
Mary McDonald


Eric Bennet for the movie Trinity Goodheart
The 2-2 Tango Show
Lets Get Going
Fox News Rising’s Wardrobe Wednesday
Emily Maynard (Season 8) The Bachelorette ABC, Disney

Makeup Artists

Gina Brooke
Sarah Lucero


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